50 Cute and Unique Baby Names

Nov 05, 2021 | 5.5 minutes Read

You’ve waited a long time to meet your little one, and now it’s time to give him or her a name. People choose to name their babies after loved ones; after someone they admire; after celebrities; or any other inspiration. If you’re looking for cute baby names that are unique, there are quite a few out there that will be as dynamic as your child.

50 Cute and Unique Baby Names

25 Cute Baby Girl Names

Unique, cute and interesting, these names are contenders for your little girl.

Clementine: A clementine is a kind of citrus fruit, and it means “merciful” in French. Clem, Clemmie, Menty, Minty and Tini are all nicknames.

Cora: A name that was popular in the 19th and 20th century, Cora means “maiden” in Greek. Cori, Cory and Corie are all nicknames, as is Ora.

Demi: Demeter and Demetria are two names from which the nickname Demi comes. Demetria is the Greek goddess of the Earth, so this is perfect for any parent who loves nature.

Ellie: Elle is French for “girl,” and Ellie is a popular nickname for Elle. It’s also a popular nickname for Ellen, Helen, Helena, Eloise and Eleanor.

Elodie: The name Elodie comes from the Greek for “white blossom” and is an unusual name that is not very common. Odie, Elle and Ellie are all nicknames.

Emma: Are you a fan of the author Jane Austen? Then maybe you’ve considered the name Emma, which is short for the German name Emmeline.

Evie: Short for Evelyn or Evalyn, Evie is a cute nickname that means “life” in Celtic. Evelyn was actually a common name for men before the 20th century, but now it’s more common for women.

Isla: A Scandinavian name that means “light-bearer,” Isla is rising in popularity. It’s an adorable name that is pronounced EYE-LA (the “S” is silent).

Kiki: Kiki is a nickname for any “K” name, such as Katherine, Kristina or Kate. A social gathering or party can also be referred to as a kiki, so if you want your daughter to be a social butterfly, consider this name!

Lily: The lily is a popular flower, and the name has become a cute option in the last few years. It can be spelled Lily, Lilly, Lili, Lilli or Lillie. The flower represented purity or fertility.

Livie: Livie can be a nickname for several names, including Olivia, Liv and Livia. It can also be spelled Livie, Livvy and Livi.

Lottie: A nickname for Charlotte, Lottie is a popular nickname in the United Kingdom. Charlotte means “petite” in French and is the feminine name for Charles.

Lou: Lou is a unisex nickname, which can be short for the feminine names Louisa, Louise and even Lucy. Louise and Louisa mean “warrior” in French.

Maddie: Maddie is short for Madeline, Madeleine or Madelyn and can be spelled Madi, Maddy or Maddie.

Mia: Mia is a cute, short nickname that is derived from either the Spanish name Maria or the German name Amelia.

Millie: Millie, which can also be spelled Milly, is a shortened form of the names Mildred and Millicent.

Penelope: The name Penelope comes from the Greek for “weaver,” and is an adorable and unusual name. Popular nicknames include Penny, Poppy and Nellie.

Piper: Piper has several different meanings: it’s a kind of bird or a person who plays the pipe. It’s a unique name that comes with an even more unique nickname—Pip.

Poppy: While Poppy can be short for Penelope, it’s also a type of flower. It can also be spelled Poppie.

Rosie: Rosie is the nickname for Rose, the most popular flower in the world. It comes from the Latin word “rosa,” which is also a popular name in and of itself.

Scout: The main character in To Kill A Mockingbird is named Scout, and it’s a cute name that has risen in popularity again. It’s unisex, but many parents are choosing to name their baby girl Scout.

Sophie: The name Sophie is a nickname for Sophia or Sofia, which is Greek for “wisdom.”

Violet: A violet is a type of purple flower, and the name is growing again in popularity. Nicknames include Vi and Lettie.

Vivi: Vivi is the cute shortened version of Vivian or Vivienne, both of which mean “life.”

Winnie: From the name Winifred, which means “fair” or “white,” comes the nickname Winnie.

25 Cute Unique Baby Boy Names

These adorable and cute baby boy names could suit your kiddo.

Aidan: Gaelic for “fiery,” Aidan is a spirited name for a little boy. You could even use the nickname Danny for Aidan.

Asher: Hebrew for “blessed,” Asher is an adorable name for a baby boy. The nickname Ash is also cute.

Arlo: Meaning “hill” in German, Arlo is a unique and interesting name for a baby boy. Nicknames could be Ari and Lo.

Axel: Axel means “divine” in both Swedish and Hebrew, and it’s a divinely modern and fun name for a baby boy.

Bentley: Bentley is an Old English name that means “from the moor.” Bennie, Ben and Lee are all good nicknames from the name Bentley.

Cody: Cody is a cute and popular name for a little boy, and it means “assistant” in Old English. You can also spell it Codie.

Cooper: Are you a beer-lover? Cooper means “barrel maker” in Latin. Coop is a shortened version of it.

Emerson: The name Emerson has German and Old English roots, and is a popular name for both boys and girls.

Finn: Finn is an Irish name that means “fair,” and it can be a nickname for Finney, Finley, Finlay or Finnegan.

Ford: Besides the car company, Ford also means “river crossing,” which is a great name for any nature-loving family.

Gray: Gray is a color, as well as a name! It can also be spelled Grey. As far as the color goes, gray is more common in the United States, whereas grey is more common in the United Kingdom. It can also be short for Grayson or Greyson.

Jack: One of the more famous nicknames for the name John, Jack has become its own name in recent years. It can also be spelled Jak or Jac, and can be short for Jackson, Jaxon and Jaxson.

Jasper: Jasper is a popular name that comes from many languages, including Persian, Arabic and English. It’s also a kind of tree.

Jett: Are you a world traveler or do you love airplanes? Maybe you should name your baby boy Jett, which can also be spelled Jet.

Jude: Hebrew for “praised,” Jude is a shortened version of Judah. It was popularized by The Beatles’ song “Hey Jude,” and is continuing to make a comeback.

Kai: Kai comes from the Hawaiian for “sea,” and can also be spelled Khai. It is a unisex name as well.

Leo: Leo is short for Leonardo or Leopold and is a cute nickname that means “lion.” If your son is born during the Leo Zodiac period from late July to mid-August, you should consider it as a name!

Luke: Luke is a Biblical name, and can be a name on its own, or a shortened version of Luca, Lucah, Lukas or Lucas.

Noah: Hebrew for “comfort,” Noah is a Biblical name that has come back into fashion lately.

Ollie: Ollie is a cute name that comes from the name Oliver, which can mean “affectionate” or “from the olive tree.” The French spelling of Oliver is Olivier, which is also popular.

Ozzie: Ozzie is a nickname that comes from the name Oscar. Oscar means “God’s spear,” and nicknames include Os or Oz.

Ryder: Ryder is an Old English name that means “knight.” It can also be used as a girl’s name.

Van: Van is a unisex name used for both boys and girls, and it’s Dutch.

Xander: Xander is a name in its own right, or it can be a nickname for Alexander. Xan and Zan are both nicknames, and it can also be spelled Zander.

Zane: Zane is a modern interpretation of the classic name John, which means “God is gracious.”


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