Parent putting a Huggies diaper on the baby Parent putting a Huggies diaper on the baby

Healthy Diapered Skin

Huggies® takes your baby’s skin health very seriously — that’s one reason we partner directly with medical professionals. Explore below and see how Huggies® cares for your family while developing diapers and wipes that hug your baby’s perfect skin.

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Our certifications & credentials

We don’t have to tell you—your baby’s skin is perfect. It’s soft, delicate, and you want to do everything possible to protect it. At Huggies®, we take your baby’s skin health very seriously.

Women kissing on the belly of her baby


Huggies® has been getting some attention.

  • National Care® Sensitive Wipes have been recognized by the National Eczema Association for use on sensitive skin
Doctors checking the health of the toddler

Huggies® Medical Advisory Council

We launched the Huggies® Medical Advisory Council (HMAC) in 2019 in order to build strong partnerships with medical professionals in both pediatrics and dermatology. Members of the HMAC advise Huggies® as we develop diapers and wipes, helping ensure the best possible products and diapered skin health resources make it to you.

Nurses taking care of premature infants in NICU

Partnering with nurses

Nurses are some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people that babies and parents come in contact with. That’s why we partner with nurses all over North America, getting their expert insights and front-line experience. Nurse partnerships have helped develop special diapers for premature infants in the NICU. We also worked with nurses from AWHONN to write and review around 300 articles on our website. Together, Huggies® and nurses can help to provide the best outcomes for babies, families, and communities.

Baby playing with his toy while the parent helps the baby put on the diaper Baby playing with his toy while the parent helps the baby put on the diaper

Importance of Healthy, Huggable Skin

Did you know their skin is biologically different in structure and function from grown-ups? Learn about the science behind diapered skin health.

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