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This world is all yours, baby.
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Project Hug

Babies are so precious and joyful. We want to help every baby possible to have a healthy start in a more equitable world. That’s where Project Hug comes in, with a commitment on doing what’s best for babies, best for communities, and best for our planet.

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Supporting our Planet

Huggies® se compromete a tomar decisiones sobre nuestros productos y prácticas de fabricación que ayudan a apoyar el planeta y a tomar medidas hacia la sostenibilidad. Y estamos orgullosos del progreso que hemos logrado para crear un impacto neto positivo para nuestro planeta. Sabemos que parece complicado, pero en pocas palabras: nosotros nos encargamos, bebé. Y tu planeta.

Project Hug

All Huggies® baby wipes are made with more than 70% plant-based materials.

All Huggies® paper based packaging is curbside recyclable, and our diapers plastic packaging is also curbside recyclable in Canada*.

Huggies® Skin Essentials™ Diapers are made with 100% renewable electricity.

In the Huggies® U.S. manufacturing process, we've reduced greenhouse gases (GHG) by 61% from 2015-2021.

Kimberly-Clark® is committed to have 75% of the materials in our products be biodegradable, recoverable, or recyclable by 2030.

*Recycling facilities for our packaging may not exist in your area.

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