What’s in a baby name? How to pick a winner.

Nov 15, 2021 | 3 minutes Read

Cast a wide net and cross-reference

Spend time flipping through baby name books, the Social Security Administration’s top baby names list and the Huggies Baby Name Finder with your partner. Take turns writing down your favorites, along with the names you can’t fathom giving your child. Together, compare your top picks and create a master list from any names you both agree to keep in the running for continued consideration.

Look for ways to incorporate meaning

There are a number of ways that names can become meaningful. For some, that comes from the legacy of a shared name over generations, something tied to your religious tradition or a name that honors a place. For others, that meaning can also stem from the literal meaning of a given name such as “courageous,” “patient” or “gem.”

Other fun ways to connect names to important memories include names that tie back to nature or a specific place such as Iris, Brooklyn or Willow. BabyCenter reports that 2021 saw a spike in names that channel strength — a trait they suggest may have something to do with being born during a pandemic. 

All in the family

Look to your family tree for baby name inspiration. Incorporating a relative’s name is a great way to honor past generations while connecting them to today’s generation. Remember, just because the person you want to honor was of the opposite gender as your baby, doesn’t mean you can’t still do so with a creative namesake. We love this story about a baby boy called Graham, named in honor of his great grandmother who went by Gram. You might choose one that pays tribute to your culture so that he or she will always remind her where she came from. You might even research names with meanings that reflect the values you hope to instill in your child. Similarly, if you’ve found a name that resonates, but haven’t researched its meaning, be sure to look into what it represents.

Check the initials

With so much focus on the actual name, don’t forget to do the initial test! You might be spelling a completely unintended word when you test out that monogram, particularly when you add in a middle name.

Consider the totality of the name

First, middle and last—does it have a ring to it? If you’ve gotten this far and the name combination is still working for you, there’s a good chance you’ve landed on your winner

Take it for a test drive

And finally, test the top pick out for a few weeks while you wait for your baby to arrive. Has it grown on you? Do you and your partner both feel like the name is sticking? It’s quite possible you’ve found your baby’s name!

Need more inspiration? Check out the Huggies Huggies Baby Name Finder for more ideas.