Whether you’re parents to a newborn baby, or preparing for one that’s on the way, you’re going to have questions. Lucky for you we have plenty of tips and advice. From pregnancy to parenthood, we have articles, checklists, videos and tools to help you along the way.

Huggies offers guidance on preparing for pregnancy and conception

Getting Pregnant

Conception can be a stressful time. Huggies offers guidance on preparing for conception, trying to get pregnant, and provides information for those who think they might be pregnant. Learn more about getting pregnant and what to do if you think you’re pregnant.

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An ultrasound image of a pregnant womens belly


Are you ready for your first hug? Let us help you prepare for your very first hug and beyond.

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A newborn baby making hysterical expressions and trying to understand something

Newborn & Infants (0-12mo)

On the day you bring your newborn baby home, life as you know it changes forever. Huggies has put all their tips, techniques and information in one place, to help make newborn baby care as easy as possible for new parents

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A Toddler in a white t-shirt standing and grinning.

Toddlers (12+ mo)

Toddlers are ready to explore the world and at times it can be a real handful. Huggies is here to help you understand and navigate the toddler years, from recipes to tempt fussy palates, to explanations for their sometimes baffling social behaviour, plus help with milestones like toilet training.

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A parent keeping the groceries in the trunk of the car while her baby is strapped to her chest


As a parent, you now have a little person completely dependent on you. As your child grows, together you are faced with new milestones and challenges. If you need answers to your questions and guidance on a wide variety of parenting issues, look no further.

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