All your favorite Disney pals are here, baby!

Disney and Huggies® make childhood fun

Whether your Disney baby wants Huggies® Mickey Mouse inspired diapers, Disney Princess inspired diapers, or Disney and Toy Story inspired Pull-Ups®, we’ve got them all. Disney dads and moms will find plenty to love: Disney inspired diapers are just the beginning. Browse wipes, training pants, and more below!

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Huggies® Little Snugglers® Diapers

Add a smackerel of fun to diaper changes with Disney’s Winnie the Pooh inspired breathable, hypoallergenic Little Snugglers® Diapers.

Huggies® Little Movers® Diapers

Be the king of any adventure with our best-fitting Little Movers® Diapers, featuring Simba from Disney’s The Lion King.

Huggies® Snug & Dry™ Diapers

Our classic Snug & Dry™ Diapers feature fun Disney Mickey Mouse inspired prints and up to 12-hour leakage protection.

Huggies® Overnites Diapers

With extra-absorbent Overnites Diapers featuring Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, baby’s nighttime dreams will be as sweet as honey.

Huggies® Little Swimmers® Disposable Swim Pants

Our Little Swimmers® Disposable Swim Pants feature exclusive Disney Pixar character designs of Nemo, Dory, and Squirt.

Huggies® Natural Care® Refreshing Baby Wipes

Huggies® Natural Care® Refreshing Wipes replace bad smells with a light, relaxing scent. Now featuring Disney’s Tigger!

Huggies® Simply Clean® Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

Get a reliable, hypoallergenic clean and adorable Disney Mickey Mouse graphics with our Simply Clean® Fragrance Free Wipes.

Huggies® Natural Care® Sensitive Baby Wipes

What better character to spotlight on our Natural Care® Sensitive Baby Wipes than Disney’s Winnie the Pooh?

Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants for Girls

Pull-Ups® Training Pants with Disney Minnie Mouse designs are bow-utiful, and they make potty training fun, fast, and easy.

Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants for Boys

Prep your Big Kid to be a potty training rockstar with Pull-Ups® Training Pants decked out with Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants for Boys

Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants for Boys features up to 12-hour leak protection, plus cool Disney graphics of Buzz Lightyear.

Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants for Girls

Disney’s Bo Peep designs grace the front of Pull-Ups Night*Time Training Pants for Girls, made with refastenable sides for easy changes.

Goodnites® Night-Time Underwear for Girls

Featuring Disney’s Moana and Ariel designs, Goodnites® Night-Time Underwear is specifically designed for bedwetting for a more tailored fit and extra protection.

Goodnites® Night-Time Underwear for Boys

With cool Marvel designs featuring Spider-Man and The Hulk, Goodnites® Night-Time Underwear offers protection where boys need it most.

Pull-Ups® New Leaf™ Training Underwear for Girls

Unlock your Big Kid’s magical powers with Pull-Ups® New Leaf™ training underwear featuring Disney’s Anna and Elsa.

Pull-Ups® New Leaf™ Training Underwear for Boys

The softest plant-based training underwear around, Pull-Ups® New Leaf™ comes with fun designs spotlighting Disney’s Olaf.

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