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The Hug Plan

Huggies® believes in the power of hugs and Hug Plans. This Hug Plan is designed to enhance your own Birth Plan by helping you provide skin-to-skin hugs for your baby immediately after birth. It was developed by medical experts in conjunction with Huggies® Brand.

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Why Should I Hug

Medical studies show that all forms of touch are beneficial to the health and development of babies. These benefits Include:

Better regulation of body tempature

Faster Weight Gain

Stronger parent/baby attachment

Healthier brain development

More stable heart rate

Shorter Hospital Stays

Greater success with breastfeeding

less stress

Improved oxygen levels

Improved sleep

Less illness

Reduced Pain

How do I Hug?

Huggies® Brand has always believed in the power of hugs. And we hope this plan will help you ensure your baby receives hugs, according to your wishes.

Within Minutes of Birth

Your baby is placed on your bare skin.

Lie at a 45 Degree Angle

Lie at an angle of at least 45 degrees.

Hold & Hug

Hold and hug your baby upright between your breasts.

1-2 Hours

Try to hug for 1-2 Hours

What to Wear

Garments can be purchased to make SKIN-TO-SKIN more comfortable or a sheet can be placed over you and your baby.

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