International baby names

Oct 25, 2021

If you’re expecting a little one, you’re probably making lists of potential baby names. After all, a name is something your son or daughter will carry with them for the rest of their lives! If you’re looking for something from another culture, this list of international baby names can help inspire you. From baby names with Spanish roots to names from Thailand—and many places in between—there are some terrific ideas you might not have had in mind. Learn the meanings and you just might discover the perfect name for your child.

International baby namesInternational baby names

Spanish baby names:

  • Isabella: A derivation of Elizabeth, this girl’s name means “pledged to God.” Variations include Isabelle, Isabel, Isabetta and Isobel, the Scottish spelling.
  • Mateo: This Spanish version of Matthew, this boy’s name means “gift of God.”
  • Jade: Meaning “stone of the side,” this is a popular name for baby girls.
  • Diego: The Spanish version of James, this boy’s name means “supplanter.”
  • Elena: This precious girl’s name means “bright shining light” and is the Spanish version of Helen. Laney would be a cute nickname.
  • Alejandro: Meaning “defending men,” this name is the Spanish version of Alexander.
  • Savannah: Though this name is often associated with the Southern city in the state of Georgia, this girl’s name is Spanish for “flat tropical grassland.”
  • Juan: The Spanish version of John, this boy’s name means “the Lord is gracious.”
  • Liliana: With cute nicknames including Lili, Lil and Ana, this girl's name means “lily, a flower.”

Germanic baby names:

  • Kaspar: With alternate spellings including Casper and Kasper, this German boy’s name means “treasurer.”
  • Bertina: “Famous,” “intelligent” and “bright” are the meanings of this German girl’s name. Bertie and Tina are cute nicknames.
  • Florian: This German boy’s name means “blonde,” “blooming” and “flowering.”
  • Anneliese: Meaning “favor” or “grace,” this girl’s name has alternate spellings including Annaliese, Annelies, Annalies. Fun nicknames are Liese, Anna and Liesl.
  • Günther: Meaning “warrior,” this boy’s name has alternate spellings including Gunter, Gunner and Gunnar.
  • Johann: Meaning “God is gracious,” this German boy’s name has many variations including Johan, Johannes, Hans, Jan, Yohan and Yoan.
  • Renate: This German name for girls means “to be born again.”
  • Karl: The German version of Charles, this boy’s name means “warrior” or “free man.”
  • Rosamund: “Protector of horses” is the meaning of this girl’s name. Looking for a cute nickname? Rosa or Rosie are adorable.
  • Leopold: Derived from Luitbald, a Germanic name meaning “brave people,” this name is cute when shortened to Leo for a baby boy.

Irish baby names:

  • Finn: This boy’s name means “fair” or “white.” It’s an Irish favorite because it’s also the name of a mythological hero.
  • Rowan: Though this name was originally primarily for girls, in recent year, it’s become a unisex name. It means “little redhead.”
  • Sloane: Another name that was originally mostly for boys or a last name, this name is now popular and gender-neutral. It means “raider.”
  • Saoirse: Derived from the Gaelic word for “freedom,” this girl’s name is on the rise.
  • Riley: Once mostly a last name, this unisex name for babies means “courageous.”
  • Aiden: Meaning “little” and “fiery” this name works for boys and girls.
  • Megan: A diminutive of the Welsh name Margaret, this girl’s name means “pearl.” Meaghan is an alternate spelling.
  • Orla: This pretty name for girls means “golden princess.”
  • Killian: With its alternate spelling Cillian, this boy’s name means “church.”
  • Alana: The feminine version of the boy’s name Alan, this name means “handsome” and “cheerful.”

Thai baby names:

  • Dao: This girl’s name means “star.”
  • Chai: Meaning “victory” or “triumph,” this would be a nice choice for a baby boy.
  • Ananda: This boy’s name means “joy” or “bliss.”
  • Jaidee: Equally appropriate for boys or girls, this Thai name means “good hearted.”
  • Hansa: This Thai girl’s name means “swan.”
  • Malee: Meaning “flower,” this would be a precious name for a little girl.
  • Tai: This boy’s name means “from Thailand” or “talent.”
  • Sunanda: Meaning “delightful” or “pleasing,” your baby girl is sure to embody these things.

Italian baby names:

  • Arianna: “Most holy” is the meaning of this pretty girl’s name. The nickname Ari would work with this or the name’s variant spellings including Ariana, Ariadna and Ariadne.
  • Domenico: Meaning “of the Lord,” this boy’s name is more popular in the United States with its alternate spelling of Dominic.
  • Aurora: Technically derived from Latin, this girl’s name means “dawn,” “luminous” and “dazzling.” Rory is a cute nickname.
  • Luciana: Meaning “light,” this girl’s name has plenty of variations including Luce, Lucinda, Lucy and Lucia.
  • Martina: Related to dedication to the Roman god Mars, versions of this girl’s name include Martine, Marta and Tina.
  • Angelo: This boy’s name means “God’s messenger” or “angel.”
  • Mia: Meaning “dear,” “darling” or “loved one,” this name has the same root as Mary and Maria. Other related names include Amalia, Amelia and Maya.
  • Serena: Made famous in modern times by tennis great Serena Williams, this girl’s name means “tranquil” or “serene.”
  • Francesco: This boy’s name means “free one.” Nicknames include Frank, Frankie and Franco.
  • Giovanni: Meaning “God is gracious,” this boy’s name is the Italian version of John.

Swahili baby names:

  • Amana: This unisex name means “a warrior at heart” and “faithful and loyal.”
  • Kenyada: This Swahili boy’s name means “jewel.” Looking for a girl version? Try Kenyatta.
  • Kondo: Meaning “a warrior,” this is a worthy name for a baby boy.
  • Nalah: Made famous by Disney’s Lion King, this girl’s name means “lioness.”
  • Zahara: This girl’s name means “to bloom” or “to shine.” The most famous Zahara is the adopted daughter of actress Angelina Jolie.
  • Mosi: This unisex Swahili name means “the firstborn.”
  • Jabori: “One who brings comfort” is the meaning of this boy’s name.
  • Hassian: This boy’s name means “handsome.” The female form, Hasnaa, means “beautiful.”

Native American baby names:

  • Tallulah: With Chocktaw origins, this girl’s name means “leaping waters.”
  • Orenda: A mystical name from the Iroquois tribe, this name means “magic power.”
  • Winona: A girl’s name made popular by the actress Winona Ryder, this Sioux name means “the first daughter.”
  • Jacy: This boy’s name, meaning “the moon,” is popular among the Blackfoot tribe.
  • Hania: A Hopi name meaning “spirit warrior,” this could be a cool name for your son.
  • Misu: Meaning “rippling water,” this boy’s name is from the Miwok tribe.
  • Odina: This Algonquin tribal name for girls means “mountain.”
  • Tahoma: From the Puyallup tribe, this boy’s name means “giver of the water.”

Portuguese baby names: 

  • Javier: This variant of the boy name Xavier means ‘bright.’
  • Amelia: This charming girl’s name means “diligent” and “brave.”
  • Dayana: Looking for a divine girl’s name? This one means “heavenly,” and “bright, shining one.”
  • Silverio: A reference to Sylvanus, who was the god of trees, this is an unusual name for a baby boy.
  • Tiago: Thai boy’s name means “may God protect” and has an alternate spelling of Thyago.
  • Joana: Sometimes spelled Joanna, this girl’s name means “God is gracious.”
  • Léa: This girl’s name means “ruler” or “lioness.” Related names include Léonie and Leonor, which is thought to be a Portuguese variant of Eleanor.
  • Vidal: You’ll be grateful for your baby boy’s life, and that’s just what this name means (“life”). You can also spell it Videl.

Greek baby names:

  • Theodore: This boy’s name means “God-given” or “gift of God.” Girls' names related to Theodore include Theodora, Dorothy, and Dorothea.
  • Penelope: This girl’s name from Greek mythology means “weaver.”
  • Chloe: An alternate name for the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter, this name means “young green shoot.”
  • Zoe: This girl’s name (or its modern spelling, Zoey or Zooey) means “life.”
  • Christopher: This Greek-derived name means “Christ-bearer” with the words Christos (“Christ”) and phero (“to bear”).
  • Andrew: This popular boy’s name is derived from the Greek name Andreas, meaning “manly and strong.”
  • Elena: This version of Helen means "torch." Looking for a different spelling? Consider Elaina, Ellena or Alena.
  • Sophia: This pretty girl’s name means “wisdom.”
  • Nicholas: This strong name means “people of victory.” Though it’s a boy’s name, it shares origins with the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.
  • Cora: Meaning “maiden,” this girl’s name was another name for Persephone, the goddess of fertility.

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