Parent holding an excited toddler upside down in the air Parent holding an excited toddler upside down in the air
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Hey, You Beautiful Baby-Shaped Baby

There are lots of you babies out there, each with your own face, your own hair, and your own little butt. That’s right, you got your own squishy tushy with its own special shape. That’s cause your body has curves and folds and crevices. And that’s why you need a diaper curved like you so you’re comfortable while you’re doing all your wiggly squiggle-giggling. So that’s why Huggies is curved to fit all your curves. And shaped to fit all the infinite shapes of all you’s.

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Baby butts come in all different shapes and sizes

No matter what kind of butt your baby has, Huggies diapers have a curved and stretchy fit. So your baby can feel comfortable while that mushy little tushy wiggles, squiggles and jiggles all around.

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Beloved Brand Since 1978

Huggies® is proud to have helped protect babies for more than four decades.

  • 1978


    “Huggies® are a home run!”

  • 1983


    Stacking up to ordinary diapers

  • 2007


    “Don’t irritate your new boss”

  • 2020


    “Your huggs inspire ours.”

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