Parent holding an excited toddler upside down in the air Parent holding an excited toddler upside down in the air
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We Got You, Baby

We’re here to help you navigate the unknowns of parenthood. While there might be twists and turns, we promise to be your partner through the thrilling adventure.

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Welcome to the world, baby

Being a new parent is a lot. Exciting, scary, and a feeling of love you never knew possible. Now imagine what it’s like for your baby! The world, much like babyhood, is a wild ride. That’s why we want to tell your tiny human directly — We got you, baby.

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While we love talking with you, moms and dads, we hope it’s okay if we sometimes get down on your baby’s level and talk directly to them. We just want to give a little guidance, and maybe some reassurance, as they enter this crazy world. Plus, your babies are fun.

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Beloved Brand Since 1978

Huggies® is proud to have helped protect babies for more than four decades.

  • 1978


    “Huggies® are a home run!”

  • 1983


    Stacking up to ordinary diapers

  • 2007


    “Don’t irritate your new boss”

  • 2020


    “Your huggs inspire ours.”

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