What to Look For in a Diaper

No getting around it—if you’re having a baby, you'll need diapers. Many, many diapers.

What you may not know is that not all diapers are created equal.

Want to keep your baby more comfortable and your life a little easier? Look for the following features in the diapers you buy:

Inner Liner: This important layer creates a barrier between your baby’s delicate skin and the wetness in the diaper. Huggies GentleAbsorb® Liner in Huggies® Little Snugglers has a tiny pillow-like texture to protect baby’s skin.

Breathable Outer Cover: Allowing air to circulate is an essential element for keeping your baby’s skin healthy and comfortable. Look for fragrance- and lotion-free diapers to help prevent irritation.

Pocketed Back Waistband: Choosing a diaper with a pocket feature at the waistband can help contain extra-large messes and keep your baby dry.

Wetness Indicator: Deciphering the cause behind your baby’s cries takes experience. A wetness indicator can easily tell you if your little one needs a changed. Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers feature a color-changing indicator for easy detection.

Contoured shape: Once your baby is mobile, finding a diaper that can move with them is essential for this stage. A diaper with a body-contoured shape and snug waistband—Huggies® Little Movers Diapers, for example—stays in place on a mobile baby, preventing leaks while providing your baby the freedom to comfortably move, crawl, twist, and turn.

Double Grip Strips: Securing the diaper on both sides is especially important when your baby starts moving. Double Grip Strips on Huggies® Little Movers allow for more for flexibility so the diaper fits comfortably and stays in place while your active baby explores the world around them.

For nighttime, consider extra-absorbent overnight diapers like Huggies® Overnites Diapers that can help keep baby dry the whole night through.

If time at a pool or beach is in your plans don’t forget swim diapers like Huggies® Little Swimmers Swimpants, which are specially made for water play.

And last but not least, be sure to check sizing charts before buying diapers. If your baby seems to be leaking often it may be time to move up a size. 


By Rebecca Levey